An Open Letter!

Dear Future Husband, I’ve been trying to write to you for quite some time now, but couldn’t put anything on paper except for those meaningless doodles. Well, that’s because every time I think of you, swarms of butterflies start flapping their wings of love in my stomach, making me wonder if I do the same […]

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What do you see, staring out that window? Your speeding life or just the tree? What do you see; a vision or a blur? What do you see my ‘lil man? That curve of your lip, Ready to cry. Those eyes full of thoughts, But why so dry? How do I bring back that smile, […]

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A Warm Letter to Future ME!

Dear Future Me, I hope this message has found its way to you. I hope you have managed to figure it all out, the ins and outs of life. I hope you have found the place you pictured yourself you would be. And hopefully, it’s everything you’ve imagined. I hope you’ve found the skin you […]

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A Letter To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I know the internet has always fantasised you by telling that every letter comes into being with a “Dear Future Husband” and is one of the sugary devotions cobbled together with hearts and flowers. Tarry a little, there. Thou will be heinously baffled in that case. Sorry, but no sorry. Do you […]

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….and then he left!

…. and then he left, maybe because my love wasn’t enough to make him stay! To, The guy I once loved, You were not the first guy who told me that you liked me. But yeah, you were the first one whom I believed. Yes, there were instances before, but no one did it like […]

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